CLC Students Work on Operation Montserrat


Conduct an exciting interactive mission without ever leaving the classroom! The Challenger Learning Center at Paducah offers an innovative program for digital learning which links providers within a national network to classrooms around the world. The program, dubbed the e-Mission, provides teachers with an all-inclusive package comprised of teacher professional development, curriculum aligned with state and national standards and a live "mission" via technology.

This program was designed around best practice models and principles derived from the latest educational research. Our distance learning programs were developed by a team of authorities comprising subject matter experts, curriculum developers, teachers, evaluators, graphic artists, technicians and programmers.

Students in grades 3-5 participate in the simulation called Moon, Mars and Beyond! as astronauts on a virtual mission to the outer solar system in search of a lost spacecraft. Students in grades 6 and beyond participate in the simulation called Operation Montserrat as Earth Systems experts tracking real-time data about an island that is being threatened by a hurricane and volcanic eruptions. Click on the links below for more information about each scenario.

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video about the e-Mission "Operation Montserrat".

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