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Homeschool Programs


Homeschool students can attend many different programs at the Challenger Learning Center. Fly
a mission in our hands-on simulator which
includes a functioning space station and mission control. Spend time in STARLAB, our portable planetarium, learning about the stars and constellations in the night sky.   Build and launch rockets or learn what it is like to live in and work

in space.



  Constellation Creations

  Be among the first humans to return to the moon since 1972!  Astronauts

  will spend two sessions training for their journey.  During the last session they

  will determine the best landing spot and fly to the moon in our space simulators.

  Age 6-8

  May 18, 2016




  Journey to the Moon

  Calling all astronomers! After we learn all about the stars and the pictures they

  make, we will create our very own constellations and build a real planetarium!

  Age 9-15

  May 16-18, 2016




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