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Paducah Junior College Board of Trustees and the Challenger Learning Center at Paducah would like
to acknowledge and thank all of our donors and patrons who help make our programs possible.
The support and dedication of our donors make
the Challenger Learning Center at Paducah a
reality for our region.


The hopes and dreams of the Challenger STS 51-L

and Columbia STS 107 crews continue to shine

brightly at the Challenger Learning Center

everyday as we encourage future explorers,

technologists, mathematicians and scientists to

reach for the stars!






   As a non-profit educational resource, our goal is to provide high quality math
   and science experiences to all in our region. We need your help. There are many
   opportunties to support the diverse programs at our learning center ranging
   from corporate sponsorship, scholarships, or individual donations. To discuss
   how you or your corporation can become involved or to find out how you can
   make a tax deductible contribution please contact:

   Mellisa Duncan
   Center Director
   Challenger Learning Center at Paducah
   (270) 534-3097





   Kroger Community Rewards Program 



    The Challenger Learning Center at Paducah is now part of the local Kroger
    Community Rewards program.  When you use your Kroger Plus card at any
    Paducah location, a portion of your purchase will be automatically credited to

    our account.  It’s an easy way to support us with something you already do
    an a regular basis- shop for groceries!  The best parts of this program are it

    just takes a quick sign-up process and costs you absolutely nothing.  If you

    do not have a Kroger Plus card, they are available at any Kroger customer

    service desk.  Please follow the directions below.



                         Kroger Community Rewards Program Instructions


    If you have any questions, please contact me at

    or 270-534-3097.  Thanks for taking the time to support the Challenger

    Learning Center at Paducah.






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